Grayco Systems and Consulting, Inc.

Products - Grayco offers product lines for Statewide EMS Management, Workforce Management, Imaging, and Enterprise Data Collection.

EMSIS - State Wide EMS Oversight and multi-tiered data collection system for the NEMSIS standard.

TransiTrak is a safe and secure web-based program designed to aid in the management of Non-emergency Transportation.

Development Services - In addition to our product lines, Grayco offers development and customization services to our clientele. Our dedicated team of developers can handle your desktop, Web, or enterprise development needs. Become a client!

Grayco Systems provides a full range of development services for our clientele. These include development and continuing support of client specific products to development for Client IT departments.

Grayco brings many years of experience and a focus on utilizing up to date industry standard technology. Our areas of expertise include:

Enterprise Applications: We provide fully integrated applications which our clientele utilize interally for workflow, accounting, and industry specific functionalities. The Grayco Philosophy is to provide software which conforms to our clients' needs. We design, develop, deliver, and support working with management and client IT departments.
Distributed Applications: We provide development services for applications our clientele distribute under their label to their partners or clients. These applications aid their clients in information transfer and accounting. We also provide ongoing support.
Web Development: We provide web development services including full web applications, data collection, web site maintenance, and web to existing application integration.
PDA Development: We provide development services for the Palm and PocketPC environments. This development is utilized to extend an existing application to a mobile environment.
Tools: As a part of our development, we can provide tools and other utilities to IT departments for their development efforts.

Solutions and Services

Development Services