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About Us

Grayco Systems is a software development company. We have been developing quality software since 1989. Our software is tailored to each client's needs and we strive to provide the best services possible. We handle development, training, and assist with integrations. Our focus is developing applications from start to finish and giving real results. We make sure that our products meet a quality standard and that our customers come first.

Our Services

  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Consulting
  • Software Integration
  • 24-Hour Support
Our services include software development, integrations, and training. We take an agile approach to software development, making sure our software is iterative, incremental, and evolutionary. All of our customers are trained on the software we develop and given all the knowledge they need to successfully utilize our product. Building strong customer relationships is important to us, so when a customer calls we have a person available to address each client's needs.

Our Products

TransiTrak is a Non-Emergency Transportation system designed to help manage a fleet of vehicles. TransiTrak saves our users time and money with powerful and efficient routing solutions. TransiTrak features include automated scheduling, dispatching grid, import manager, an Android app, and more. All these things don't only save time, but also improve efficiency that saves money and allows for a more productive day.
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Event Entries is a website that provides a step-by-step process of registering for a horse show. It guides people through the forms necessary to compete, stable, and pay. At the end of the registration you will be able to send the packet through Event Entries or print it out and mail it to the secretary. Event Entries is also a great tool for Show Secretaries. Event Entries provides the tools to help organize all the show-specific forms. Event Entries can display show information, send email updates, manage stables, and upload relevant forms and documents. It also displays live scoring from horse shows across the country.
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EMS Licensure

We provide services to Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) to manage the EMS licensure process. Our software helps ADPH register and manage all the EMTs throughout the licensure process. The software helps ADPH ensure that all the employees are up-to-date on the licensure.

Past Products

We have developed some other great products over time. We have built many applications such as title insurance systems and a mailing system for Phi Theta Kappa. We have developed an inspection application to assist in the inspection of EMS vehicles. We are familiar with government contracts and have experience working with companies big and small.

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